May 14, 2019

It was just reported that the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION  recently released a report
stating that about 350 million people globally are suffering from Depression.

This report is quite disheartening.

One of the major cause of depression is loneliness which I want to talk about.

Loneliness is a major epidemic of our time, which leads many to health, emotional and relationship traumas.

Many people never shake off loneliness all through their lifetime.

It’s major cause spans from:

Absence of love.
Absence of peace of mind.
Absence of direction.
Amongst others.

When this is brooded for much a time by an individual it will bring with it the following :

Sorrow of heart.
Amongst others.

If this is your current state of mind presently,

Be rest assured that if you stay in this state for a longer time, it will begin to attract evil spirit that will make that state of mind permanent in your life.

This is the reason for many incurable depression we see today.

No matter your level in the society you will at one time or the other feel lonely cos we live in a fallen world.
Evil is all around us.

But it is entirely up to you to either get back up or stay locked up in the web of loneliness.

We all deal with loneliness differently,
Some deal with loneliness by getting married. Others by consuming alcohol or drugs, some by sleeping around, some by partying, others by eating more often. amongst others..

Psalm 43:5 gives us an account of David when he faced similar situation.

“Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me?
hope in God: for I shall yet praise him,
who is the health of my countenance, and my God”.

David had to speak to his soul to have HOPE in God.
The remedy has not changed.

When you see yourself in a state of hopelessness and discouragement, Remember the only solution is to ensure your soul is hopeful.

This is not achieved by mere wishful thinking but a total surrender to God from your spirit.

Hope is a great virtue.

Never put your hope in your wealth, access, fame, connections and bank account. Cos you will surely be disappointed. Isaiah 26:3


Have a tradition with God.
Have a family devotion time.
Never forsake the gathering of believers.

Remember, when the enemy wants to take anyone out. He first begins to separate him from people.
When you stand alone it’s easier to be taken out.
When a lion wants to attack a prey, He always goes for the weak, lonely, tired and far from the crowd..

Be strong and courageous.



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