Category: Living Positive in a Negative Environment

August 5, 2017

It is indisputable that we all are surrounded by hostile people – wicked bosses, unfriendly staff, envious business associates, uncaring family members, economically harsh nation, etc.

Our dreams are suppressed by other people. Day by day, we encounter people who talk us down and hinder us from moving to the next level of life. Unfortunately, some of our challenges are from persons within our families or neighborhood.

The big question is, how do we stay positive and focused despite living in a harsh and inimical neighborhood? How do we remain optimistic and vibrant with the right frame of mind despite challenges the environments possess?

These are few of the questions this book attempts to answer. This masterpiece is insightful, analytical, educative and enthralling. It is Holy Spirit inspired, timely and timeless in value. The purpose is to help you stay optimistic, energetic, lively and peaceful every day of your life.

Click below to buy a copy from the Barnes and noble store.

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